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John BoydWelcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. If you want to know what might be swirling around in my head with regards to missions, aviation and the role MAF is playing in all of it, this is the place to visit. I hope to shed some light on the opportunities MAF has to serve God and the amazing things He is doing around the world.I have served as the president of MAF since 2007 and have worked with this wonderful organization in some capacity since 1991. I’ll try to provide context for what MAF is doing through its strategic initiatives and share interesting pieces of information regarding where the organization is headed. That is what I hope to accomplish through this blog. I invite you visit regularly.

A Day to Pray

This Wednesday MAF will observe its semi-annual Worldwide Day of Prayer. In April and October of each year, MAF staff from around the globe pause to pray.

We praise God for who He is … for His love, his mercy, his majesty. We give thanks for the life and death of Jesus Christ that washes […]

You Never Know Who May Be Watching

When I was a child, my parents taught me the importance of kindness. They were not believers, but they did believe in treating others with thoughtfulness and respect. So even before I became a Christian at age 38, this was an important part of who I am.

When I learned about Jesus and His love for […]

So, what do you do?

What does the MAF president do?

Someone recently asked me this question, which made me wonder about the perceptions that people hold of those in nonprofit leadership positions, versus the reality.

John speaking at AirVenture.

The title President and CEO sounds quite glamorous. One might imagine that the leader of a global organization like MAF spends […]

How do you know?

I have the privilege of spending much time visiting MAF’s friends and supporters, and recently the question came up, “How can I tell if a nonprofit organization is worthy of my support?”.

This is a very good question! If you are like most of us, you likely receive a lot of mail—both snail mail and email—from […]

Remaining Steadfast and Being Strategic

MAF Introduces a New Strategic Plan

Scripture tells us it is wise to plan, but we cannot predict the future. (Ecclesiastes 8:7)

Mission Aviation Fellowship, from its beginning, has been guided by the Holy Spirit speaking to faithful leaders with heart for reaching the lost. In each country where we serve, Godly men and women develop strategic […]