From the First Day Until Now

It’s been quite the year. And while there were some really hard and unexpected things, we can still praise God for working through MAF—and you—to bring the hope and love of Jesus to isolated people. We celebrated our 75th anniversary this past year and reflected on His unwavering faithfulness. Regardless of a global pandemic, the good news of our Lord and Savior continues to reach remote areas around the world—just as it did when the first MAF airplane took to the skies.

This video sums up MAF’s longstanding commitment to seeing lives transformed by the love of Christ. We hope you’ll enjoy it, even if you’ve seen it before. We thank God for you and your partnership with MAF.



None of this would happen without people like you who make this work possible through your prayers, donations, and support. You truly are a partner in this ministry! Thank you!


  • Larry Halla says:

    Thank you Jesus for all you do for these people. Thanks MAF for your faithfull service.

  • Ken Wallis says:

    Great & humbling video, thx.

  • craig nelson says:

    thank you

  • David Boggs says:

    A commemoration for my Uncle George Boggs who was a MAF “jungle” pilot back in the 1960’s
    & for cousin Steve Ferree who was a Wycliffe Bible translator in the 1990’s

  • Miracles just keep coming – God be with y’all

  • Judy Chambers says:

    Well done. What a blessing! Thanks.

  • Donna says:

    That was really moving. I had no idea MAF had been around for so long. I am glad to be a new partner with them. May God continue to bless their ministry.

  • Judy Ellis says:


  • Y. Santana says:

    To GOD be all the Glory! The video is a great blessing. Thank you for all you do in Jesus Christ’s name.

  • Rod Hatcher says:

    Well done! With tears I gave thanks to our Father for MAF and the part our family played in changing lives through this great organization.

  • Allen Wells says:

    What a moving video from many days ago to now. Such a blessing. God is so good and faithful to send his word to those he knows needs it most

  • Ebere Dollar says:

    That video moved me. As a pilot, I know what privilege it is to fly but more so to use aviation as a vehicle of blessing to the nations.
    We are partners together in this, spiritually, financially and in all things flying. God bless you and keep up the great work.

  • Timothy Stern says:

    GOD bless You MAF. GOD

  • Marion Dexheimer says:

    Oh that was beautiful. I love MAF. I love them for what they are accomplishing for the Kingdom.

  • Paul Brodin says:

    Answered an add MAF had in a newspaper for a set of free pilot wings over 45 yrs ago. Lost contact with MAF, two years ago accidentally found their headquarters in ID. Bing in contact ever since. Praise the Lord for their work!! Been such a blessing to my wife and I. Work diligently as the harvest days may soon be over.

  • Tom Petrich says:

    We continue to pray for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread throughout the world through MAF. We pray for those who are serving for their safety and wisdom in the decisions that they make.

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