2016 MAF Impact Video

Thank you! Because of you lives were changed! In 2016, MAF pilots made 22,495 flights transporting 73,000 passengers and 7.7 million pounds of cargo to over 400 airstrips. MAF technicians operated and maintained 157 VSAT systems, distributed more than 2,100 digital biblical resources, and provided secure email/VPN service to 1,506 clients in 91 countries. Together we collaborated with over 600 organizations and saved 57,077 days of travel so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.


  • Dave Keyes says:

    Excellent video! My compliments to the team that put it together! Thank you for making and sharing it. Well done. Grateful to be a partner with you all.

  • Tuesday 4-4-17

    What joy it is to pray for all of you and for the miracles God is
    performing through you and your commitment to MAF!

    I continue to donate each month through internet, and to pray
    for safety, good health, and His blessing on all you are doing.

    In His love, Ferne Cooper (98 years)

  • Maryhelen Reyes says:

    Wow nice work you guys are awesome . I’m just so thankful to be part of this ministry and thank God for your sacrifice of service. Blessings to all of you and may God sustain the each of you . Always Maryhelen

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