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Pak Nelson

I had just hit snooze on my alarm when my phone rang. “I need an extra flight in the Kodiak to Malinau. My mother died last night,” Nelson told me. Pak Nelson is one of our karyawan, or Indonesian staff, who has worked in our hangar for quite a long time. He is the kind […]

Can’t Stop This Flight!

About 45 minutes into a 70 minute flight, cruising along at 10,000 feet, I looked over to see my engine monitor gauge flashing “25.0 VOLTS” at me (it’s a 28 volt system). I cross checked with the ammeter above it, which was showing a discharge. Then, a few seconds later, my low voltage light began […]

The Amazing Race Against the Sun

At 4:20pm, as I was packing up my toolbox after a day of maintenance in the shop. Isto, one of our Indonesian employees, came to me, “There’s a lady in Malinau having complications with labor, and she needs to get to the hospital in Tarakan.” My first thought was, “No way there’s going to be […]