The Top 11 Blog Posts of the Year

Mission Aviation Fellowship Cargo - PigsAfter a successful launch of our blog in March of 2011, we’ve been able to share more our ministry with you. Here’s a look back at our most popular blog posts of the year.

1. The blog post with the most views and shares contains a humorous collection of tips from our pilots who often carry some unusual cargo.
Top 10 Aviation Tips
2. Sometimes the man on a horse who’s blocking the runway is there for a good reason.
The Horse that Wouldn’t Move
3. Staff writer Jason Chatraw gets to experience worst-case scenario flying on a training flight.
White Knuckle Flying
4. Here’s what happens when some of that unusual cargo gets loose mid-flight.
Croc in the Cockpit
5. When a crisis in another country means a quick departure for the Disaster Response manager, he’s all set to go.
What’s in a Disaster Response Go-Bag
6. When you have to adapt to another country, it can really seem like another world.
Opposite World
7. Here’s a trendy tie-in that relates to bringing the Good News to people in remote areas.
Winning as a Christian = Obedience
8. When famine is the cause of too much rain, MAF can help with that.
Food Flights
9. God’s timing is perfect, even when it comes to stopping the rain.
Hand of Providence
10. Often our missionaries have the hard task of saying final goodbyes when moving to another program.
Testimony of Tears
11. Here’s a shout-out to the guys who keep our planes in tip-top shape.
Unsung Heroes

Most likely to make you cry: Natalie Holsten & Rebecca Hopkins
Most likely to respond to your comment: Jim Manley & Rebecca Cannon
Most likely to submit a cool photo: Sean Cannon & Tripp Flythe

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