October 30 – November 5, 2017

“Worry is a heavy load, but a kind word cheers you up.” —Proverbs 12:25 (NCV)


  • Monday, Oct. 30

    “Thank You, LORD, that You invite us to bring our worries to You. (See Matthew 11:28-29 “Come to Me…” and Proverbs 12:25.) Thank You for Your kind words to us, dear God. Help us to speak Your encouraging words to others.”

  • Tuesday, Oct. 31

    “Praise God for the Indigitous Hack-a-thon event last weekend in 56 cities around the globe, including at MAF-Nampa headquarters. There were 1,426 “hackers” in all, plus mentors and facilitators in the USA, Uganda, Moldova, and Australia. They successfully created an interactive map of MAF airstrips and also a visibility tool.Watch a TV news story about the #Hack.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 1

    “Pray for Lukas as he shares the Good News with a newly discovered group who are living deep in the forest of Papua, Indonesia. They do not know about Jesus yet.”

  • Thursday, Nov. 2

    “Lift up Paul and Beth College, who are in transition. They were based in Indonesia as a pilot family, but are currently part of the MAF Member Care team. Pray for them as they adjust to life in America again and receive training for the next stage of their MAF journey.”

  • Friday, Nov. 3

    “There is a pulmonary plague spreading throughout Madagascar. Pray for God’s intervention, protection, and good health.”

  • Saturday, Nov. 4

    “Lift up Kent and Nancy Contrucci, who currently serve at MAF Headquarters in the USA after many years as an MAF instructor pilot overseas. Kent is a safety specialist in the MAF aviation safety department. Nancy enjoyed leading 45 MAF staff and spouses in some team building and talent/strength development training sessions this year.”

  • Sunday, Nov. 5

    “Pray for MAF staff who work long hours in sometimes harsh conditions for Christ’s Kingdom. Ask God to strengthen them and keep them from evil.”

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