November 2 – 8, 2015

“The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that.” — Proverbs 29:25 (MSG)

Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, November 2

    Please pray that MAF staff around the world would trust the Lord in everything.

  • Tuesday, November 3

    Please pray for the 24 MAF Information Technology staff from various countries who are attending an IT conference in Uganda this week.

  • Wednesday, November 4

    About half of the flying by MAF-Mongolia is for medical evacuation flights or developing the medical sector, usually in partnership with local churches or local missions organizations. Please lift up this ministry and its new pilot, Dallas Derksen.

  • Thursday, November 5

    Pray for MAF folks in Papua who are experiencing lengthy power, internet, and phone outages. The rain has begun, sporadically, but still much more is needed so that the hydro-electric plant will be effective. Cargo and fuel shortages continue.

  • Friday, November 6

    Praise the Lord for rain that has cleared the smoky skies of Kalimantan, Indonesia, which grounded planes and caused staff to be evacuated due to health risks. In fact, there’s been so much rain, one Indonesian MAF staff member’s home flooded.

  • Saturday, November 7

    Praise God that Hurricane Patricia hit only unpopulated areas of Mexico. Please continue to pray for a much-needed hangar in Oaxaca.

  • Sunday, November 8

    Please lift up Roy and Sue Haglund who have served as a pilot/mechanic family in Central America and Africa. Theyare currently supporting the global ministry from MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, in Finance and Ministry Partnership departments.

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