Nov 2 – Nov 8, 2020

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe,
you will see the glory of God?
-John 11:40 (NIV)

Monday, November 2
Lord Jesus, help us to see Your glory as we believe You with childlike faith.

Tuesday, November 3
Today is the U.S. presidential general election day. Pray for a good voter turnout and a peaceful, God-honoring outcome.

Wednesday, November 4
Today is one of MAF’s global days of prayer. The theme is thankfulness. Pray that all MAF staff and their families will be able to quiet their hearts from distractions and worship the Lord with gratitude on this special day.

Thursday, November 5
Lift up Rodney and Tammi Dyrud, an aviation maintenance specialist family serving the worldwide ministry of MAF. Rodney manages MAF aircraft parts and supplies at US headquarters in Idaho. Tammi is homeschooling their children. Pray for them as they pursue treatment for their daughter who was born in Uganda with a facial deformity.

Friday, November 6
Pray for the new believers who have come to Christ as a result of the Lesotho Flying Pastors program with MAF. Pray that God would show them that His power overcomes spiritual forces of darkness. Pray also for their spiritual growth so they will fully rely on the power of Christ rather than returning to reliance on witch doctors.

Saturday, November 7
Lift up Jacob and Rochelle Edmonds, an aircraft maintenance specialist family who is preparing to serve with MAF in Indonesia. Pray for them as they travel and share about MAF to raise their regular ministry support, outgoing support, and form their prayer team.

Sunday, November 8
Praise God that the much anticipated shipping container inspection went well in Papua. Pray that the needed official report comes through soon. The contents include the cargo pod for MAF Kodiak PK-MEE!

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