May 13 – May 19, 2019

Now may God himself, the God of peace, make you pure, belonging only to him. May your whole self—spirit, soul, and body—be kept safe and without fault when our Lord Jesus Christ comes.
-1 Thessalonians 5:23 (NCV)

Monday, May 13
God of peace, we bow before You and thank You for washing away the power of sin’s grip on our lives. You make new beginnings a reality through Your Holy Spirit’s transformation of our hearts as we yield to belonging to You.

Tuesday, May 14
Please pray that new life and a change for the better for the people of Mozambique will come out of the recent disasters (Cyclones Idai and Kenneth). Photo by Rick Emenaker, MAF Pilot with Disaster Response team.

Wednesday, May 15
Pray for the critical circumstances in Venezuela to improve so our ministry partner, Mission Padamo Aviation and Support (MPAS), can establish operations with their Cessna 206.

Thursday, May 16
Lift up Peter and Miriam De Winkle, a pilot/mechanic family who are preparing for service in Suriname. Please pray as they work on gathering their support team in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Pray also for their children during this time of upheaval and travel.

Friday, May 17
The future of the MAF Eurasia Tech team is not clear. Please pray as they seek where God would have them continue to minister. Pray that He ordains their footsteps.

Saturday, May 18
Lift up Chad and Jamie Dimon, who serve in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a pilot/mechanic family. Pray that the Ebola virus will become contained soon. Pray also that God will provide housing for the Dimons while they are on furlough in western Washington for four months, starting in August.

Sunday, May 19
Pray that the MAF team in Jakarta, Indonesia, will know how to navigate relationships with the Indonesian Air Force as well as Civil Aviation Authority. They want to be a light.

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