July 13 – July 19, 2020

God reigns over the nations;
God is seated on his holy throne.
-Psalms 47:8 (NIV)

Monday, July 13
You reign on high, Lord God, over every nation, every government, every people group, every civil aviation division, every disease, every injustice. We trust that You are at work in our world and we bow to Your purposes in our lives.

Tuesday, July 14
Please lift up the MAF Papua team that just lost another teammate to a sudden death. Pray that they can grieve well and help this national staff family, a wife and two young daughters who are left behind.

Wednesday, July 15
Praise God that the aircraft investigation in Sentani, Indonesia, is going very well and the team is encouraged over specific answers to prayer.

Thursday, July 16
Lift up Tim and Roxanne Ault, a pilot/mechanic family who served in Brazil and Mozambique. Currently, Tim works remotely in Seattle, maintaining the currency of MAF’s technical publications library, which is vital to the safety of MAF flight operations around the world.

Friday, July 17
Pray for MAF Haiti as the team works on enclosing the hangar with shipping containers for better security. They are glad that Haiti’s borders were closed due to COVID-19, were just reopened this week.

Saturday, July 18
Lift up Jackie Banks who serves as the Nampa MAF Childcare Coordinator. She facilitates childcare for staff who are home on furlough or passing through headquarters for training. Jackie and her husband, Ron, served together with MAF for over three decades before he passed away in March 2017.

Sunday, July 19
A cape buffalo attacked a young boy in Mozambique on a wildlife reserve earlier this week. MAF flew him to medical care and his leg was treated for a compound fracture. It would have taken two long days by road without MAF. Pray for the boy’s recovery.

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