January 23 – January 29, 2017

God’s voice thunders in wonderful ways; he does great things we cannot understand. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the shower, ‘Be a heavy rain.’ With it, he stops everyone from working so everyone knows it is the work of God.
— Job 37: 5-7 (NCV)


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, January 23

    Whether it is snowing, like it has been across much of the USA, or whether it is raining hard, like our overseas staff experience regularly, God causes us to take a work break and notice that He is at work. May we stop and recognise God correcting us, caring for the land, and showing us His love through the weather (Job 37:13).

  • Tuesday, January 24

    Earlier this week, MAF South Sudan received a shipment of 8,000 Bibles to its freight room and began distributing them. These are the first Bibles in the Baka language—praise the Lord!

  • Wednesday, January 25

    Please pray for a good transition for the MAF Mozambique team as they adjust to some major changes, including a new program manager.

  • Thursday, January 26

    Lift up Dave and Linda Ringenberg who serve with MAF in Sentani, Indonesia, where Dave is the assistant program manager for the Papua program. Previously they served in Kalimantan as a pilot/mechanic family. Linda stays involved in the community. She particularly enjoys being involved in Bible study with MAF ladies and helping out at the mission school in Sentani, where sons C.J. and Ryan attend.

  • Friday, January 27

    Give thanks that non-government organizations (NGOs) are returning to western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after some political instability. Please pray for the DRC team as they serve the NGO community.

  • Saturday, January 28

    Lift up Jason and Connie Risser who served with MAF as a pilot/mechanic family in Lesotho for over 15 years. Currently Jason is an MAF flight instructor in the Aviation Resources Department in Nampa, Idaho. His responsibilities include preparing new MAF pilots for service around the world. Connie is the executive director of Idaho Learning Center and Academy.

  • Sunday, January 29

    Praise God for the eight new MAF candidates who have just been accepted for various positions around the world. Please pray for them as they begin their support raising efforts and deputation travel.

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