Jan 22 – Jan 28, 2017

With God, nothing is impossible!
~Linda Whiting

“Your God has commanded your strength [your might in His service and impenetrable hardness to temptation];
O God, display Your might and
strengthen what You have wrought for us!
Psalms 68:28 (AMPC)”


    • Monday, Jan. 22

      “O LORD, strengthen Your people! Thank You for being our Commander, our Warrior, our Encourager. Show Your might in everything You have created for us to do.”

    • Tuesday, Jan. 23

      “Please pray for all the vulnerable people in Mozambique who have lost their homes and their crops due to a recent cyclone. Pray that local Christians would come alongside them to help and offer hope and encouragement.”

    • Wednesday,Jan. 24

      “Pray for Congolese missionaries and church leaders as they show the “JESUS” film and do hospital visitations in Doruma, Bakudangba, Combattant, Gurba, and Mapedi. Praise God that MAF can be the wings for these ministries in remote places.”

    • Thursday, Jan. 25

      “Lift up Bruce and Molly Harcey, who served 12 1/2 years in Ecuador before accepting a position at MAF headquarters in Idaho. Bruce prepares airplanes with reliable radio and navigation equipment for service around the world. Pray for God’s guidance for their sons as they make life choices.”

    • Friday, Jan. 26

      “Praise the Lord that the work to rebuild the airstrip of Micaune, Mozambique, was recently completed! Previously, the village was cut off from road access during the rainy season. Pray for God’s transforming work in this area.”

    • Saturday, Jan. 27

      “Lift up MAF pilot, Kayla Harder, this week as she arrives in Java, Indonesia, and begins attending Indonesian language school. This is typically a time when missionaries get sick. So please pray for her health and protection from malaria, parasites, and dengue Fever.”

Sunday, Jan. 28

“Praise God for the strong bond between church leaders in Papua and MAF. Recently an Indonesian church leader declared, “When MAF doesn’t fly, it’s like the death of our oldest child.” It is moving to witness how vital MAF’s presence is to the people of Papua, Indonesia.”

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