February 10 – February 16, 2020

Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.
-1 Samuel 14:6b (NIV)

Monday, February 10
Yahweh, nothing can keep You from acting on our behalf. You are in the rescue and recovery business of saving us, and all victory belongs to You! We lift up all those who are considering trusting Jesus Christ with their lives. Thank You that no obstacle is too big when it comes to Your deliverance.

Tuesday, February 11
Please pray for God to call the right people to fill critical vacancies MAF has in Haiti, western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Bangladesh, Angola, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea.

Wednesday, February 12
Please pray for a good training and orientation process for several new staff members in Central Asia. Pray for their adjustment to the culture, food, climate, and new routines.

Thursday, February 13
Lift up Dave and Crissie Rask, who have served as MAF missionaries since 1981 and are currently based in Nampa, Idaho. For 16 years, Dave and Crissie ministered in Papua, serving Bible translators, national church development, and medical work. Currently, Dave is the director of the Aviation Resources division. Crissie is the manager of Mobilization, which is the team tasked with finding people who have the skills and a call to serve with MAF.

Friday, February 14
Pray for the newly formed MAF Spiritual Enrichment Team (SET) in Indonesia as they define the values that will help shape MAF team culture.

Saturday, February 15
Lift up Brad and Susan Rhoads, an IT family who served on-loan to Edutech Mission, building up the body of Christ by serving national pastors and other Latin American ministries. Currently, Brad is working at MAF headquarters in Idaho as an IT project manager.

Sunday, February 16
Last week the MAF Mongolia Cessna Caravan was flown to the Netherlands. While there it will undergo some minor modifications and be repainted in the MAF livery, in preparation for future service in Guinea. Pray for God’s guidance in starting this new work in western Africa.

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