February 1 – February 7 , 2016

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?
— John 11:40


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, February 1

    May we be a God-expectant people, living out our faith in Him with anticipation.

  • Tuesday, February 2

    Pray for the MAF Aircraft Maintenance Instructor Seminar and Safety & Quality Seminar at Nampa headquarters this week. Many are traveling from overseas to attend.

  • Wednesday, February 3

    Praise God for the hardworking Donor Services team at Nampa headquarters who diligently process contributions from MAF donors. After the busiest time of the year, last week they successfully sent out last year’s giving statements.

  • Thursday, February 4

    With teacher contracts expiring, there is a great need for replacement teachers to fill positions in Indonesia. Please pray for qualified teachers who are willing to go!

  • Friday, February 5

    Praise God for all MAF donors who partner with MAF sacrifically. Thank Him also for the good donor response to share personal prayer concerns with MAF.

  • Saturday, February 6

    Pray for safe travels to Mozambique and Haiti for Mark and Kelly Hewes, who are field resource coordinators for MAF Ministry Advancement.

  • Sunday, February 7

    Pray for the MAF Marketing and Fundraising Summit in London (February 8-11), where several staff from MAF offices around the world will collaborate and share best practices.

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