Feb 26 – Mar 4, 2018

Christ’s shalom!
~Linda Whiting

For I will proclaim the name of the LORD.
Ascribe greatness to our God!
Deuteronomy 32:3 (RSV)


    • Monday, Feb. 26

      “We bow our hearts in prayer before You, LORD—all around the planet, we praise YOU and Your greatness!”

    • Tuesday, Feb. 27

      “Praise God that no disaster response flights are needed following the 7.2 earthquake that occurred in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, on Feb. 16th. Mexico was MAF-US’s first field of service. MAF’s national affiliate, Alas de Socorro, currently has a team of eight staff, operating two airplanes, which fly mostly medical evacuation flights.”

    • Wednesday,Feb. 28

      “Praise God for the 40 VSATs that MAF-US currently operates. May these dishes be used effectively for Kingdom purposes.”

    • Thursday, Mar. 1

      Lift up Craig and Christa Hollander, an MAF pilot/mechanic family serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Recently, Craig has swapped his role as chief pilot with that of flight operations director. Pray for him as he oversees the day to day aspects of flight and ground crew operations from the island of Tarakan. ”

    • Friday, Mar. 2

      “MAF is partnering with an organization called Waves for Change, a program that mentors kids in Liberia. They are taught to swim and be safe in the waves. Pray for these future leaders”

    • Saturday, Mar. 3

      Lift up Dave and Jill Holmes, MAF missionaries serving in Mozambique. Dave is a pilot/mechanic and also the program’s IT specialist. Jill lends a hand with administrative and financial tasks in the office. Pray for the Holmeses and theMAF Mozambique team during this busy time of year as they are short-staffed.”

Sunday, Mar. 4

“Praise God for the appointment of a new vice president of Operations for MAF-US. Pray for Dan & Tracey Whitehead as they transition from Ecuador back to the US. ”

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