August 20 – August 26, 2018

God, the very God we worship, keeps us satisfied at His banquet of blessings. And the blessings keep coming! Then all the ends of the earth will give Him the honor He deserves and be in awe of Him.
-Psalm 67:6b-7 (TPT)

Monday, August 20
We are in awe of You, dear God! Thank You for the amazing blessing of Your Word, family, provisions, even the breath we breathe. We worship You and determine to spend more time with You.

Tuesday, August 21
Please pray for God’s wisdom for the MAF team in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to safely work during the current outbreak of Ebola—a deadly virus that is claiming lives in that region of Africa.

Wednesday, August 22
Last week, Tom, an MAF pilot in Papua, Indonesia, flew a couple flights to Korapun. The hydro-electric generator had stopped working. He was able to bring in a generator so that the Papua Hope school and clinic could function temporarily. Pray for ongoing solutions and changed lives that will bring glory to God in that remote region of the world.

Thursday, August 23
Lift up Jonathan and Cindee Raney, an MAF pilot/mechanic family who currently serve in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jonathan oversees the Indonesia office where he interfaces with necessary government entities to obtain the vital permissions and permits for MAF to serve in Indonesia. Cindee continues to use her hospitality gifting to run a guesthouse ministry for many visitors passing through Jakarta.

Friday, August 24
Give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity MAF has to help launch the Rendile New Testament Bible translation. Pray that this will accelerate the spread of the Good News among the unreached people in the northeast region of Kenya.

Saturday, August 25
Lift up Dave and Crissie Rask, who have served as MAF missionaries in various capacities since 1981. Currently, Dave is the director of Aviation Resources and Crissie is a mobilizer, recruiting teachers for MAF children around the world. Pray that their influential roles continue to be lead by their Lord Jesus. They both have busy travel schedules. So pray for their safety as they travel.

Sunday, August 26
Pray for MAF’s directors as they plan strategically for the coming fiscal year that all would be in-line with God’s Kingdom purposes.

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