April 8 – April 14, 2019

But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
-Psalm 3:3 (NIV)

Monday, April 8
Thank You, dear God, for Your glorious presence. You are our mountain refuge and the One who lifts up our heads to see You. We love to spend time with You.

Tuesday, April 9
Praise God for the way He used the MAF Papua team in Sentani in the aftermath of intense flooding and landslides recently. They dug out homes, bandaged wounds, shopped for supplies, prepared meals, delivered clean water, and were generous with their hugs and prayers.

Wednesday, April 10
Give praise that the MAF Mozambique team and Caravan airplane were used by God immediately after Cyclone Idai hit. Continue to pray for the Mozambicans as they recover from the devastation.

Thursday, April 11
Lift up Daniel and Karen Carlson, a pilot/mechanic family who have served in central Africa since 1985. Pray for them as they settle into their home in Kinshasa after moving from Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pray also for wisdom and safety for Dan as he flies Ebola vaccines and blood samples in the battle against this deadly disease.

Friday, April 12
Pray for rain in Kenya, especially in Turkana and other areas that are really suffering from lack of food and water.

Saturday, April 13
Lift up David and Patricia Carwell, a pilot/mechanic family serving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. David manages the team of five expat families and twenty national employees. Patricia is a full-time homemaker caring for their children and reaching out to their neighbors with kindness.

Sunday, April 14
Ask the Lord to increase our thirst for His pure Word and that His message would be bright in our thoughts.


  • Thank you for serving in Indonesia.
    Terima kasih sudah melayani di Indonesia dan berkunjung ke Indonesia untuk menyelamatkan saudara saudara kami yang miskin dan berkebutuhan khusus. Teriring salam dan doa. Dina. Salatiga.

  • Saya pernah bertemu dengan seseorang dari MAF yang berkunjung di Salatiga dan aku tidak tahu namanya.
    Kiranya Tuhan memberkati perjalanan kalian. Jika ada salah sikap kami, kami mohon maaf yang sebesar besarnya. Orang itu seorang pilot yang baik dan menunjukkan pesawatnya padaku dari handphonenya. Rumahku ada di bengkel di kota Salatiga. Good bye.

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