Asas de Socorro Responds to Flooding in Brazil

Asas de Socorro, the MAF affiliate organization in Brazil, is involved in disaster relief work as parts of the country experience some of the worst flooding in decades. Asas’s amphibious Cessna 206 is conducting relief flights, working in partnership with the Brazilian Civil Defense, local agencies, and churches to assist communities along the Madeira River isolated by the flooding.

Asas and SIL/JAARS have a joint facility in Porto Velho. Márcio Rempel of Asas reports water in the hangar and homes.

“The water continues rising. The Acre State is totally isolated by road,” said Márcio. “Cargo flights with Air Force C-130, CASAs and B727 are delivering food and supplies every hour in Rio Branco City. Asas is working on a project to help these people to go back home in the next two months when the river will lower again. Thousands of families will have lost everything. We are trying to develop partnerships with churches for these relief efforts.”

Photos and more information are available on the Asas de Socorro website.

How you can pray:

  • Pray for the many families whose homes have been damaged or destroyed.
  • Pray that those affected will turn to Jesus during this difficult time.
  • Pray for the safety of Asas staff doing relief flying, and that they will be able to assist many.
  • Pray that the water levels will soon subside.

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