An Amazing Grace Kind of Day – Part 2

A special guest post from Sylvia Rogers on assignment with her husband Dan in Suriname.

Continued from an earlier post

She reached underneath the counter and pulled out an old prayer card photo I’d given her, and told me that every day, in that shop, she saw us, thought of us, and was encouraged by that earlier conversation! Wow! I didn’t even remember giving her that photo!

She asked us to pray for her, that she would live life fully again and trust Him to heal her of her grief. So right there, in the center of Grace, a gold and silver store, we prayed for God to show her His comfort and encouragement.

Prayer letter composed by Sylvia Rogers

Recent prayer letter composed by Sylvia.

After we prayed, she told me that the shop is named after her 4-year-old daughter, and that all of the workers there know Jesus as Savior. I had always felt the store had an air of peace, friendliness and safety I didn’t sense in other stores on the same street.

In that moment, I understood that the shop was perfectly named; it is a reflection of God’s grace. I marveled at how we had planned few details of that morning, yet our “appointments” were ordained by God—a reminder that we were connected by His amazing grace.

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