A Change Of Heart In Africa : Part 2 of 4

Continued from a previous post

The poverty was right in front of you—people coming up to your window asking you to buy something they had made, men digging on the side of the road to find water, and children playing with nothing but a tire.

Once we arrived at the Egyabroad’s home in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, we got to settle in. It was winter there, so freezing cold was an understatement, especially seeing as I had just come from a 100-degree summer in Idaho!

A home in the city of Maseru, similar to the ones in the township.

A home in the city of Maseru, similar to the ones in the township.

We warmed up later that night after a hot meal, Papa (which is cornmeal and water cooked) and peri-peri chicken. So delicious.

That night I was exhausted, so I slept well. The next morning we headed over to the Clark’s home where the MAF ladies meet every Tuesday morning for crafts.
It was wonderful being able to hear a bit about their lives and to fellowship with them. The rest of that day included painting the Borror family’s home, and having dinner with the Harrell’s.

The Lord continued working in me through the testimonies I was hearing and the things I was seeing. My heart was starting to soften.

I never appreciated all that I have until I saw how many others went without.” — Ashleigh

The next morning we were picked up bright and early by Kim Baker. Carol Clark was also able to come, one of the MKs. We loved getting to know her. We were on our way to visit the lion park. On the way we saw huge townships (patches of land where people with nowhere to live have built shacks for homes). It was heartbreaking and so humbling.

When we got home that night and I slipped into my warm bed, all I could think about were those people in the townships—how cold they must have been.

To be continued

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