Life Interrupted

MAF missionary to-do listLife is full of interruptions, isn’t it? Rarely a day goes by that my day hasn’t been interrupted in some way, whether big or small. (I have children!)

But interruptions aren’t always bad. Some are fun— like when my friend calls and invites me to get a massage right now. Um…yes, please!

Some are expected—like when I am fully focused on completing a task, yet the pitter-patter sound of tiny toes are heard drawing closer and closer to the door. Yep…daily.

But sometimes, there are the my-day-just-got-radically-turned-upside-down interruptions. And my heart follows suit…in a good way.

Recently, we were driving home from grocery shopping with my newly purchased butter in the car (aka: costly bricks of gold). We turned the corner and our day’s schedule immediately changed. A young girl lay in the middle of the intersection with her motorcycle atop her. We stopped to help. The next few hours were beautifully interrupted—my butter melted.

Yesterday, as I was sautéing food in preparation for our dinner guests, a familiar face appeared in my kitchen. Her eyes shone with happiness to see me again, yet behind the happy was something else—fear. I turned off the stove, and listened to her pour out her aching heart. Another gift called interruption—with burnt onions on the side.

God is good. His plan for our days infinitely outshines our own. My prayer was for God to go before me this week and re-arrange, remove, and add to it as He saw fit. He did. And thankfully I’ve been holy interrupted.

The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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  • Glenda Hopkins says:

    Dear Rebecca! How I appreciate your willingness to endure the interruptions with such grace. You can teach so much with your loving heart and listening ear, just by being yourself. I have noticed that about you… you truly listen to those around you. You’re a dear.

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