Lovebird Blues

Our family was surprised to find lovebirds for sale at a local pet shop here in Papua. We had never had birds before, but spontaneously decided we wanted to try. Our boys had been begging us for a pet!

We’ve grown to enjoy our lovebirds a lot, even though they are wild and won’t let us hold them. Because we bought a pair, we built a nesting box, and six months later the female laid eggs. Three hatched, and two babies survived. As they grew, we tried holding them with the hope of taming them. But without the added security of hand feeding them, unfortunately, our babies have gone wild like their parents.


The other day, as I was placing an apple slice in their cage, like I do each day, and talking to the babies, Bibi, the one who was the tamest, ran away into the nesting box. My heart grew sad. I wished so much that he would trust me. After all, I did bring him his food each day! And then it occurred to me that sometimes God must feel like that. He created us, has sent His own Son to save us, and is the One who provides for us each day. And yet, like our lovebirds (maybe because He’s so big), we get scared and run away.

I KNEW that I wasn’t going to hurt my bird, but apparently my bird didn’t have that same knowledge! God KNOWS He loves us and only wants the best for us, but often we lose sight of that knowledge too. I imagine He LONGS for us to trust Him. So, let’s make it our prayer this week to grow in our trust of the Lord.


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