Borneo River Jump

MAF Pilot, Sean Cannon cools offIt’s no secret that many of the places MAF operates airplanes around the world tend to have extreme climates. Some of them have very harsh and cold winters, while others have tropical heat and sunshine. I work in the one with lots of heat, humidity, and heat. Think American mid-West in August … but all year long! We have a joke here that it is so hot “my sweat is sweating.” Due to the fact that flying an airplane all day long in the tropical heat can wear you out, as one of the few MAF floatplane pilots, I’ve found some fun ways to cool off. Because we land almost exclusively on rivers in Central Borneo, what better way to find refreshment in the middle of a long flight day than jumping into the very river you land on. It is so hot you don’t have to worry about drying off. That will happen in about an hour or so. MAF pilots all work hard. But there are some perks that the floatplane pilots have that the other guys don’t. My “job” is awesome.

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