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MAF missionary family Sean & Rebecca Cannon 2005I’m at the computer, reminiscing and looking through old digital photos. I marvel at the sweet faces of my kids a few years ago—chubbier, messier, softer. I notice my own face—fewer wrinkles, hair that isn’t sprouting a well-worn gray at the temples. And then it pops up: our very first prayer card photo. Our little family of three—bright-eyed, confident, and ready for whatever God had for us.

When that photo was taken, we didn’t know where we were going. We couldn’t see into the future or guess the paths God would take us on. We were ignorant and blissful… and trusting of the God who led us. We were excited—confident that he who called us was willing and able to accomplish it.

It struck me that it was exactly 10 years ago that we said our good-byes on a frigid, snowy morning in Colorado and headed out on this big adventure. First we went to MAF headquarters for training, then to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and eventually on to Indonesia, our current home. We’ve enjoyed some wild twists and turns, unexpected jolts, and blessings too many to count. We’ve added some children to the family, made more moves than we can keep track of, shed a lot of tears, and savored holy moments that took our breath away.

MAF missionary family Sean & Rebecca Cannon 2015That younger, bright-eyed version of me had only an inkling of the enormity of the God she followed. She didn’t believe there would be hard days, but she never could have guessed how amazing the good days would be.

Another picture pops up, more current. The kids are much bigger, their parents older, wiser. And I smile. “Lord,” I whisper. “I have no idea, do I? I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.”


  • Katie says:

    Hi Rebecca, I met you while at the EAA Airventure airshow in Oshkosh last year (my hubby Rob and I were “the Aussies” in the MASA tent). Just read your post on the MAF blog, and recognised your name. We also are nearing the 10 years of service mark, so I can relate to your feelings of nostalgia! Many blessings, Katie

  • Sylvia says:

    Exactly! Well-written, Rebecca!


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