The Master Weaver

Food distribution at the MAF hangar on Feb. 22, 2010, for airport personnel & volunteers.

Food distribution at the MAF hangar on February 22, 2010, for airport personnel & volunteers.

I’m so grateful for a God who loves to mold, shape, and especially create. Into all of our lives, there are threads woven by our Master Designer. Some are bright threads, words of encouragement that nurture our spiritual growth. Some threads are simply dark: painful and even damaging words that leave their mark. The same can be true of different events in our lives.

While January 12 passed this weekend, there were many services in remembrance of the loss experienced in Haiti three years ago. At Kaydence’s school, the children dressed in white shirts and held a candlelight service, carrying photos of loved ones lost. At our church on Sunday, we held a special time of prayer and gathered in small groups to praise God for His faithfulness and provision, as well as recognize those He called Home.

As I recalled our own family’s experience and heard others’ stories of what occurred, I was struck with a sense of God’s sovereignty and might. I can’t say that I understood how or why things happened as they did, but I found (and continue to find) peace and hope in the fact that God does. God was not caught by surprise in Haiti on January 12, 2010. He knew what was coming, and was at work in the midst of the quake and far beyond.

Maybe it’s because our family is reading through the book of Job together, but I keep coming back to one thing:  He alone is God. He spoke the world into existence. Every single beat of my heart was ordained before time even existed (Ps. 139). God doesn’t ask me to understand, He simply asks me to trust Him. As I do, He is honored. My life can truly be lived to the fullest and can bring Him glory––a life that accepts the hand of the Master weaving His beautiful design, full of rich colors and texture, made all the more visible to the world with its deep twists and turns.

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