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A Tale of Two Tails

Pebbles scratched the paint. Bigger rocks just turned over in the propeller blast.

But golf- to baseball-sized stones pounded the tail of my airplane. Couldn’t be helped on the gravel strip. Still had to takeoff.

Two boys next to a Cessna 206 at a typical grass airstrip in Ecuador. Photo by Mark and Kelly Hewes.

Back […]

Every Part Matters

A maintenance specialist’s race against time shows the key part each of us plays.

Mike and Angie Johnson had just returned to the Tarakan base in Kalimantan, Indonesia, after a family conference with other MAF staff in the area. Mike, a maintenance specialist, had a full day ahead of him—working on all three of the program’s […]

Somewhere in Between

I take Eric’s 4-year-old hand in mine. He slows down my usually fast gait. I help him stay focused on the short journey to his Indonesian preschool. Our combined pace fluctuates, but finds its place somewhere in between what’s normal for either of us.

Some days, we’re dodging puddles from last night’s tropical downpour. (OK, I’m […]

The Year(s) of Hope

As our year petered to a close, almost everyone in my family had colds and we all kept fighting over the single box of Kleenexes.

“So…I was wondering…” Brad said. “Why do you buy only one box of Kleenex for our house?”

Because that’s what I do when I’ve spent several months in a zillion different unplanned […]

Welcoming Dreams

The third in a series. If you missed the previous stories, here are links to the first and second posts. 

I turned right at the store which sold individual packets of shampoo, jugs of water and batteries, trying to remember which way was home. I hoped I wouldn’t get lost. I’d just moved to Palangkaraya, Kalimantan, to our […]

Accepting Limits

This is the second post in a series. If you missed the first one, be sure to read it here.

I stared at the various stations at the once-a-month neighborhood clinic for women and children where I’d volunteered for two years. One volunteer was measuring the heads of the children. Another recorded the information. One lady […]