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Somethin’ Special

“I mean, it’s nothin’ special. Just a little hole-in-the-wall café on the river.”

I’d been out exploring my town of Palangkaraya with my parents, who’d come to visit from the States. And we’d happened upon a restaurant at this bend in the road. (OK, I was kinda lost.) Later, I was trying to describe it to […]

Right Place, Right Time

The day the eclipse was…eclipsed

For once, it seemed like I was in the right place at the right time. Palangkaraya, Indonesia. One of a handful of places in the world where a rare full solar eclipse could be seen last week.

And I’m a girl who can’t resist Right Moments.

Tourists and scientists from around the world […]

My Own River

I take a sip of the sweet pink juice my neighbor offers me and ask her where she’s from.

She says a name of a place in Borneo.

“Oh, where is that village?” I say.

“It’s not a village. It’s a river.”

Of course. Kalimantan (the Indonesian name for Borneo) is known as the “land of a thousand rivers,” and […]