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Asking Questions

In this three-part series, Rebecca shares what she’s learned about ministry and making connections, motherhood and following her dreams—all while depending on God. 


The tea my neighbor had served me was still too hot to drink and I’d already run out of things to say. I peeked in my bag.

“What happens on your favorite holiday?” I […]

Somethin’ Special

“I mean, it’s nothin’ special. Just a little hole-in-the-wall café on the river.”

I’d been out exploring my town of Palangkaraya with my parents, who’d come to visit from the States. And we’d happened upon a restaurant at this bend in the road. (OK, I was kinda lost.) Later, I was trying to describe it to […]

Right Place, Right Time

The day the eclipse was…eclipsed

For once, it seemed like I was in the right place at the right time. Palangkaraya, Indonesia. One of a handful of places in the world where a rare full solar eclipse could be seen last week.

And I’m a girl who can’t resist Right Moments.

Tourists and scientists from around the world […]

My Own River

I take a sip of the sweet pink juice my neighbor offers me and ask her where she’s from.

She says a name of a place in Borneo.

“Oh, where is that village?” I say.

“It’s not a village. It’s a river.”

Of course. Kalimantan (the Indonesian name for Borneo) is known as the “land of a thousand rivers,” and […]