Welcome to Worldwide Pulse!

As I travel all over the world each year conducting business for MAF, I have the privilege of hearing amazing stories about how God is using MAF to transform lives in some of the most remote locations on earth. These testimonies from MAF personnel and ministry partners serve as a constant focal point for me, reminding me why MAF does what it does.

In the past, my opportunity to share these stories was limited to monthly letters and periodic newsletters. Now, that is all about to change.

With this blog, I am excited about creating a new space to offer up some of my thoughts about the ministry of MAF, as well as other incredible testimonies of how the Lord is transforming lives. I am eager to share insights into what God is doing through MAF as our faithful missionaries take the Gospel and tangible expressions of the love of Jesus Christ to isolated people.

These are exciting times for MAF and I look forward to opening another window for you to see how God is working and moving around the globe.

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