• I would like to know if you have an office in Houston, Tx., that flies help to Mexico, Central and South American office. I am very interested. I have a young pilot(now a first officer/pilot in finland. He would like to join me here in Houston, and we would like to help.

    • MAF says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, MAF flights do not originate in the U.S. Our pilots/planes are actually based in the countries where we serve. There are affiliate programs in the countries you mention. However, if you’re interested in serving overseas with us you would need to contact an MAF mobilizer to find out the process. Here’s a link: https://www.maf.org/serve/serve-overseas


      Jenn Wolf
      MAF Writer & Resource Coordinator

  • Timothy Stern says:

    I bless You! GOD Tim

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