Preparing Leaders

For any organization to have sustainable momentum there must be extensive training and preparation of its leaders. I firmly believe that MAF—like all ministry organizations—must provide consistent leadership training if we are to accomplish the vision that God has given us.

Mission Aviation Fellowship makes a long-term investment in our staff through extensive training prior to their departure for the mission field.  One of the most significant things we can do is prepare our team members for what they are going to face on the field, in terms of both technical skills and navigating different cultures. This commitment to training is one of the reasons why I have full confidence in the long-term future of MAF.

This year, MAF will take that commitment one step further by hosting its first Leadership Conference.  MAF staff from around the world will gather in Nampa, Idaho to learn from Godly teachers from both within and outside this organization.  Our leaders and future leaders will fill their “leadership toolboxes” so that they are better prepared to take this ministry into the future.

After a while, you realize that MAF is about much more than simply flying. It’s about magnifying Christ so that others seem Him in everything we do.  If we equip our team members to do that in an effective way—sharing the call and preparing them to carry it out—they will develop into productive leaders.  Consequently, this will have a long-lasting effect on the health of this ministry.

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