2011 In Pictures – Mission Aviation Fellowship Delivers …

Medevac flight for stroke patient, Kalimantan. Photo by Tripp Flythe.

Food delivery with the Kodiak, Kalimantan. Photo by Dave Forney.

Pilot Nathan Fagerlie delivers supplies and teachers for first-ever school in Pogamba village, Papua. Photo by Steve Richards.

Soccer teams lined up during Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration as MAF Caravan departs Pa’Upan, Kalimantan. Photo by Dave Forney.

Celebrating the Lani language Bible delivery in Papua. Photo by Nathan Fagerlie.

MAF Medevac Flight in Ecuador.  Photo by Chad Irwin.

Fighting measles – vaccine deliveries in WDRC. Photo by Tim Chase.

MAF pilot Jon Cadd assists John Ngayo of OEIL upon arrival in Lubutu, DRC. Photo by LuAnne Cadd.

Fighting cholera in Bilobo, WDRC. Photo by Nate Birkemo.

Medevac of an 18-year-old girl with heart troubles in Kalimantan. Photo courtesy of Sean Cannon.

Chicks in flight with MAF pilot David Harms, Haiti.  Photo by Will White.

Celebrating the arrival of the first Majang New Testament Talking Bible in February 2011 with the Hoekstra family, Ethiopia. Photo courtesy of Denny Hoekstra.

To learn more about the impact that the Hoekstra missionary family has had in Ethiopia, read the 2011 Spring addition of FlightWatch, page 3.


  • george knoop says:

    May GOD bless the seeds planted and the harvest HE brings.

  • Bob Shank says:

    Can you imagine this crowd in a tent for the arrival of the latest version of an ‘IPod’ from Apple? From whence cometh Apple?…
    Thanks be to the Father, this clan has more heavenly things on its collective mind, thanks to MAF.

  • Bryan Pill says:

    …photos really capture the moment. Sometimes they give you goose bumps as you ponder the event caught on screen.

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