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Jaclyn ReiersonGrowing up in Alberta, Canada, Jaclyn now lives in the DR Congo with her pilot/mechanic husband, Brett, and their three young children. Her days are filled with keeping up with the kids, using her skills as a nurse to aid and advise those around her, and seeking to show the love of Jesus to everyone she encounters (as well as tackling the occasional cross-cultural, tropical adventure!). She loves singing in the choir, teaching piano, and having early morning quiet times on the porch with Jesus.

Greener Pastures

Jaclyn serves with MAF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here, she shares how a visit to another MAF program caused the green-eyed monster to raise its ugly head.


No way. What?!

You have uninterrupted electricity for weeks . . . sometimes MONTHS at a time?!

It gets cool enough that you actually get to put on […]