MAF Advent 2015: Day 5

December 3rd

MAF’s history in Latin America goes back to Betty Greene’s first flight in 1946 when she took two Bible translators into a remote area of Mexico. Since that time MAF has worked so that Christ’s love could be shared throughout the surrounding region. Today MAF works in Haiti and Costa Rica and partners with our affiliate programs across Central and South America.

Here are a few specific ways you can pray for the work going on in Latin America:

  • Pray for health and stamina of the Haiti team as they manage their resources while being short staffed and pulled in many directions.
  • A church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (where several MAF staff attend), is without a pastor. Please pray for this church as it seeks unity and guidance for the future.
  • In Mexico, permission is needed to overhaul an engine; and paperwork is needed to finish the importation of an additional airplane.
  • Pray that God will open doors (in Mexico) to share the Gospel in the communities we serve.


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