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The Story Behind The Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s only true if you know the story behind what you are seeing. A few days ago, while flying home from Mamit, an airstrip perched on a mountainside in the heart of Papua, I saw this young man reading his Bible. It’s not an incredibly remarkable picture in […]

Simply Irresistible

The year began with my Christian friend asking me how I was planning to be a “better believer” in 2013. “Are you going to read your Bible more consistently? Are you going to be a better spouse? A better parent…perhaps?”

Much to his dismay, I replied, “Neither…I don’t have any plans.”

After a brief moment of silence, […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep …

The dogs barked and woke me up. Again. Don’t get me wrong – this was a good thing. I am grateful that they would likely alert us to nocturnal intruders on our property.

Listening to the whir of the fan overhead, laying still in the dark, my mind wandered. Why do people walk down our street […]