Transitional Living

I’ve heard it said that missionary life is one of transition interrupted by brief periods of routine. Wow, is this ever true! Since joining MAF in 2008, my husband and I have lived in 10 different homes, in eight different towns, across four different states, two different islands, and two hugely different countries. To say that we’ve faced a lot of transition is an understatement!

MAF Missionary Becky Fagerlie

Becky in January 2009 preparing for her move to Indonesia.

I’m not a girl who likes transition. I like routine. I like being comfortable. I like knowing where the grocery store is and how to find clean water. I like knowing which side of the road I’m supposed to drive on and where I can find a good cup of coffee. Inevitably, I figure all of this out in each place I go, but it’s the figuring out part that I don’t like.

And yet, God has called me to this life of transitional living. So, I’ve learned to look for the routine in transition. There are some things that stay the same no matter where we live or how long we live there: dishes and clothes always need to be washed, meals need to be cooked, bathrooms need to be cleaned. And, most importantly, the God we serve is ever-present and never-changing.

Sometimes, when my world of comfort seems to be caving in around me, the best thing I can do is wash some dishes, gaze out the window, and have a good heart-to-heart with God.

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  • I can so identify, Becky! We just finished language school in Quebec a few weeks ago, drove cross country and are in Idaho to pack for a few days, and anticipate moving to Haiti in less than 2 weeks. I’m craving the two years of routine that we’ll be able to have while there, and my kids are too!

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