Feb 8 – Feb 14, 2020

How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
-Psalms 119:103 (NASB)

Monday, February 8
Lord God, thank You for the sweetness of Your Word! Day and night we savor Your love-filled messages that fill us with Your wisdom and strength. Give us a deeper hunger for Your truth.

Tuesday, February 9
Praise God for the large turnout in Bina, Papua, for Bible teaching. Pray that the people’s hunger for God’s Word would continue. Thank God that MAF was able to deliver the building materials for this structure and that two MAF families were able to help construct it. May all those who gather in Bina be blessed with Yahweh’s insight into His ways of truth.

Wednesday, February 10
Pray for a quick recovery from the coronavirus for the MAF team in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Some of them are quite ill. Praise God for answers to prayer for villagers who needed medical evacuations recently.

Thursday, February 11
Lift up Doug and Janie Heidebrink, a pilot/mechanic family who served in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Currently, Doug serves as an aircraft maintenance instructor at Nampa headquarters, evaluating potential MAF candidates, and preparing aircraft mechanics to serve overseas. Janie serves at their church as the administrative assistant and coordinates some of their children’s ministries, including AWANA.

Friday, February 12
Pray for safety and protection for MAF staff and their families who are in countries experiencing unrest and political changes. Pray that they will shine with Christ’s light in their troubled communities.

Saturday, February 13
Lift up Rod and Valerie Hochstetler, a pilot/mechanic family serving in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Rod works as the West DRC program’s accountable manager. He is also the assistant director of maintenance, instructor pilot, and maintenance instructor. Valerie loves to teach and host people in their home.

Sunday, February 14
Praise God for His love that fills us and enables us to love others with His tender care.

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