Go Ahead…Grab a Banana!

Every culture has beauty in it, possesses an imprint of God upon it, enabling a watching world to catch a glimpse of who He is. To experience a small taste of His goodness.

Here, in this restricted region, where Gospel-access is limited and evangelism is illegal, God still has his imprint placed within it. Little pictures of His grace are sprinkled throughout even the man-made rules. There is one unspoken, unwritten rule here that is simply so beautiful and generous that it makes me smile wide each time I see it, for it displays the kindness and provision of our God over all of His creation.

The simple rule is this: If a man has a fruit tree and a branch hangs over his fence line into “public” space, then it is free, and even welcomed, for any passersby to eat of its fruit. A free, healthy, and delicious snack for any weary travelers or needy person who may come along!

“And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, nor shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am the LORD your God.” Leviticus 23:22

Such a gracious and loving God we serve!

It gives me pause to consider how I might live this principle out in my own life. To not use up for myself all that I reap in order that I might provide a form of sustenance and refreshment to others. Whether it be from my fruit trees, my finances, my time, or perhaps my energy. How might I give opportunity for others to taste and see that the Lord is good?

Definitely food for thought. But in the meantime, I can grab a banana while I think about it.

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