Lesson from a Lizard

Lizard in IndonesiaBecause I have sons, I have been trained to love the geckos that live on our walls here in Indonesia. Unfortunately, these little creatures can sometimes become victims of ill-fated accidents, like being toasted along with the bread.

And that is just what happened as I was preparing breakfast.

I turned the toaster upside down and the unlucky lizard fell out on to the counter amongst the crumbs. There he lay, sort of shriveled, dead for all I knew.
To my surprise, when I picked it up on a tissue, it was actually breathing. Not having the heart to dispose of it before it was dead, I placed the gecko on the tissue inside my bedroom and finished the breakfast routine. I even whispered a silly, little prayer. “Lord, would you let it live?”

After the boys were out the door, I went into my room to get something and I noticed the lizard wasn’t on the tissue. As I tried to get it back on, it fled from me. Not quite normal yet, but able to move. And I heard God whisper to my heart, “Linda, I raise the dead.” I stopped and cried. God had just given me a message that I needed to hear.

We had been working through the effects of a painful situation that had wounded many. Each time I came to the point of entrusting it to God, a fresh wave of revelation would arise and make me angry and grieved all over again. And it just felt …HEAVY.

That morning God gave me a visual reminder, through a little lizard, that He alone can raise the dead. And that I could entrust the situation and those affected by it to Him. He was still God, He cared, and He had the power to bring the wounded back to life.


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