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Generations of Innovation

In 1964 violent uprisings gripped the country that is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Missionaries found themselves in increasing danger and needed to escape before the fighting claimed their lives. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) played a key role in these evacuations. While airplanes were obviously integral, according to decades-old reports and testimonies, another […]

Amrit’s House

Amrit’s neighborhood, uncrowded on a Sunday morning.

Ajay, our guide, led Regina and me down an alley in New Delhi, India. The Sunday morning air carried typical India smog in a narrow ribbon of sky above. We stopped, pushed open a narrow wooden door on the left, and entered a small courtyard. Singing, punctuated […]


Opening doors for isolated pastors

The Church is growing in many places around the world—yet with that growth can come unexpected challenges, like how to prepare pastors who are leading these churches, for effective ministry. For many pastors, having access to biblical training and resources is next to impossible because of geographic, political, or religious barriers. […]

Collision Story

When opposites collide, fragments fly. Order degenerates to chaos. No wonder we fight to avoid crashes. Take, for instance, the contradiction between the two ways people process information—literate-style and oral-style. Neither intelligence nor education matters. Twenty percent of us in the world would rather read than listen, but 80% would rather listen than read. We […]

Mission Aviation Fellowship Releases Software for Creating Educational Materials

NAMPA, Idaho – Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has released Lumin, a free software program that makes it easy to create digital curriculum, presentations, eBooks, exams and more.

“According to some estimates, 85 percent of the world’s churches are led by people who don’t have any theological or ministry training,” said Elliot Dawson of MAF, who was […]