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A Warm Welcome for PK-MEE

Welcome, plane.

It’s so nice to finally meet you. What’s your name, painted in blue on your side? PK-MEE? I’ve been an admirer of yours for the past three years. It’s been quite a long road—or…flight?—for you. Hurdles…setbacks…struggles…. Maybe you’ve wondered if you’d ever make it here to Palangkaraya, Indonesia. Maybe you’d nearly given up hope.

Continuing the Story

We thought you’d enjoy this devotion, written by Tom Howard just before striking out on a “new beginning.”  


Last week seven new MAF-US missionary families were appointed. That’s always exciting, but somehow more so for me this time. You see, Friday is the last day my wife Valli and I will be MAF career staff. We […]

Life on the Backside of Nowhere

Thinking of the isolated pastors I worked with in the Amazon jungle, I realized a summary of their stories might go something like this:

Pastor Marcus sat on a shaded rock. Bugs sang a sharp, grating song. Calling birds and hooting monkeys punctuated the cacophony from the trees above. He batted the gnat cloud swarming his […]