The Kids Talk Africa

We are leaving for the Democratic Republic of Congo in three weeks. Our shipment is completed and our suitcases are mostly packed. My husband and I are getting excited, but today I thought that I would ask my daughters what they thought about Africa. I asked the same questions to each daughter separately. What follows are my children’s thoughts on Africa.

What do you think Africa will look like?
L (age 5): I think it will have lots of trees, not very much grass, lots of kids…I think there’s going to be lots of houses in Africa, too.
G (age 3): Our house. A playground. (pause…incredulous look) Mom, Africa doesn’t look. Africa can’t see!!
M (age 2): Canada.

Why do you think we are going to Africa?
L (age 5): To help people.
G (age 3): So we can see our friends.
M (age 2): Because…(stares)…YES!…(points to the paper I’m writing her responses on) Draw Africa…and an airplane and can you draw me?

What makes you happy about going to Africa?
L (age 5): That I get to see my friends.
G (age 3): You!
M (age 2 ): Paint…and we have new bibs.

What do you want to do in Africa?
L (age 5): I want to play with the kids, play in the rain, and there’s lots of airplanes.
G( age 3): See the elephants and ride on one.
M (age 2): Paint a snake.

How will Africa be different?
L (age 5): There’s an Okapi. There’s not, like, any stores.
G (age 3): Me. (points to leg) I’m white.
M (age 2): Canada.

What will Daddy be doing in Africa?
L (age 5): Working on computers.
G (age 3): I don’t know.
M (age 2): (Stares around room) Talking to a boy about a diamond. (points to my paper again) So, I want you to draw a diamond.

MAF Cessna CaravanWhat is a missionary?
L (age 5): Someone who helps people and tells people about God. They use lots of airplanes.
G (age 3): (Totally distracted, raises a toy bat in the air) STAR WARS!
M (age 2): A missionary walks…A missionary can’t walk because a chicken will cross the road!

Hmmm…if the kids have their way, we are in for a crazy first term in Africa!


  • Anna Magulac says:

    This is so great Stephanie! I love hearing what kids come up with- what’s spinning around in their minds! I’ve copied your post to my blog, giving you credit, with a link back. Hope that’s alright!

  • Sue Pearson says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and when I posted the link on facebook many of our young friends who grew up in Chad loved it and a MAF MK remininisced about the joys of climbing trees, playing football in the street, riding in the back of a pick-up, using slingshots, all kinds of outdoor stuff. They had a blast. Our kids were 4, 3 and 9 months when we left the UK for Africa and they had a wonderful childhood in Cameroon, Chad and Kenya and a good education too. Our son said once ‘I think everyone should be a missionary kid so they can get a good education’! Be blessed!

  • sue arthur says:

    I love their responses! G’s response to how will Africa be different is pretty insightful for a 3 year old:

    G (age 3): Me. (points to leg) I’m white.

    Our eldest was 15 months when we first went to Africa, so couldn’t really respond to questions. The second son was born there, so at age 2 as we went our furlough he was wondering what the UK was like.

    God bless you and your children as you go to DRC. I’m sure he will make you all a blessing to those around you.

    Sue Arthur

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