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Gene JordanGene and Lynn Jordan have 2 adult daughters, Kimberly and Kelley. The Jordans have been a part of Mission Aviation Fellowship since 1977, filling many varied roles, including pilot/mechanic family in Ecuador, Regional Manager in the Latin America office, as well as managing Communications and People Group at MAF Headquarters. Learn more about the Jordan family and their life serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship at

Grounded … in the Air?

Flying in remote places like the rain forests of Ecuador present pilots with plenty of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the weather, and the swift way it changes. Navigating through poor weather is never easy.

One day I was flying with the president of the Ecuadorian Evangelical Missionary Association (AMEE). We had been […]

When Popping Off is Necessary

When I joined MAF in 1977, the training department was teaching pilots how to execute a “flap pop-off.” This technique allowed the airplane to “unstick” itself and get flying at a very slow speed when trying to take-off from an extremely muddy airstrip…a trick that became quite useful when I flew in Ecuador.

The Amazon […]