The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

We hope you’ve enjoyed our great team of blog contributors this year. They are a great source of news from the field, provide perspective on the missionary life, encourage us, and sometimes make us laugh or cry.

Just for fun, we compiled a list of the most widely read posts (based on page views) throughout the past year. We’re including them here in case you missed any of them, or if you’re new to the blog.

Take a look back with us at the top 10 most popular blog posts of 2012:

#10. The Blessing of Family—Family “senders” play a key support role, and what a blessing it is when they can visit.

#9. Flying MAF’s King Air Across the Atlantic—It’s a long way home to MAF headquarters for this special plane that needs a double engine replacement.

#8. Losing Power—When the electricity goes out in a hot and humid climate, this MAF wife learns to rely on the real Power Source.

#7. A Welcome Sight—Two new KODIAK planes arrive at the Sentani base (Papua, Indonesia) and cause quite a stir due to some enhancements.

#6. Here to Help—This MAF wife was reminded that new situations can be hard, but God will be there for us.

#5. Airplane in a Box—An unusual way to get a plane from the MAF headquarters hangar to Madagascar, and a faithful worker who takes it all apart and puts it back together again.

#4. What My Children Don’t Know—These MAF missionary kids (MKs) may not know what a toaster is, but what they do know is a treasure. [Second most shared post on Facebook]

#3. Undone in Walmart—When an MAF wife returned to the U.S., she expected some reverse culture shock … but not when it came to choosing a brand of toilet paper! [Third most shared post on Facebook]

When Your Engine Comes Apart—What do you do when your engine starts smoking mid-flight at 9,000 feet? MAF pilot John Miller retells this story from the past in his tongue-in-cheek fashion. [The most commented upon blog post of the year]

And our most viewed post for 2012 is….

Zavinga and Suzanne, MAF Missionary

Zavinga and Suzanne

#1. Why I Need House Help—In eastern Congo, an MAF wife explains why house help is necessary, and the added blessing that comes with that help. [Also the most shared post on Facebook]

To all of our blog writers: Thank You for telling your stories! And thanks to all of our readers for joining us on this “bloggy” journey, and for commenting and sharing this blog with friends and family. Blessings to you all in 2013!

Our blog writers in Africa:

Kimberly Baker, Nancy Burton, Nick & Jocelyn Frey, Stephanie & Owen Fuller, Justin Honaker, Gerd LePoidevin & Suzanne Lincoln

Our blog writers in Haiti: Karen Broyles, Christine Harms & Liz Schandorff

Our blog writers in Indonesia: Becky Fagerlie, Tripp Flythe, Rebecca & Sean Cannon, Natalie Holsten, Rebecca Hopkins, Linda Ringenberg & Jonathan Smith

Our blog writers in other areas: Jim Manley (MAF-LT/headquarters), “Between the Verses” & “Lady M” (restricted-access countries)

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