Ministry Spotlight—Daniel and Becky Perez

The Perez family at an interior village in Papua, Indonesia.

Since they joined MAF in 2009, change has been a constant companion for Daniel and Becky Perez, a pilot/mechanic family at the Wamena base in Papua, Indonesia.

Three weeks after arriving to language school, in Java, they discovered they were pregnant—with twins!

“Our ministry looked different than we thought it would because things were very busy at home,” said Becky.

Even today, things haven’t slowed down much. Two years ago, Daniel took on the role of base manager, and now oversees 10 field MAF families and 22 Indonesian employees.

“Our lives never really seem settled,” said Daniel.

Along with the busyness, there’s a constant pining for friends and family back home. But Daniel and Becky both have peace knowing they were called to serve God here, through MAF.

Serving God takes many forms, whether it’s doing medical evacuations, mentoring teammates, caring for five children at home—the couple adopted Peter from China last year—or juggling pilot proficiency and instrument competency checks.

At times the work the Perezes are doing may not look or feel like traditional “ministry”—for instance, making a regular delivery of rice, noodles, and cooking oil to a remote village.

Being based in the landlocked city of Wamena means there are times when the stores are completely out of must-have food items for an unknown period of time. It can be frustrating. But that’s when Daniel “gets it.”

“Every single time I fly in a plane full of rice I am blessing these people.”

And when their house helper of five years asks Becky why her marriage and parenting style seem so different, and they end up having a great discussion about how God views marriage, raising kids, and more, that’s when Becky “gets it.”

“When you think you’re doing nothing, oftentimes everybody is watching,” said Becky.

While their notions about ministry have changed, their faith has also been stretched. They’ve seen God show up in big ways.

“In those times where we felt strongly that God was calling us to do something,” said Daniel, “He often didn’t provide the necessary things until we had taken that first big leap of faith.”

They’ve found that one of the biggest encouragements is just being remembered, whether it’s getting a Christmas card from a friend, a small package, or even the occasional email.

“There is always that longing in our hearts for friends and family that we have left behind. To know that they still think about us and pray for us is a great feeling.”


Would you like the blessing of being involved in the Perezes’ ministry in Papua? They’re looking for ministry partners to join their team. Learn more at


Story appeared in the spring 2018 issue of FlightWatch.

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