Keep Dreaming

“Keep Dreaming…”

Jacob flying with MAF pilot, Michael Broyles. Photo by Daivd & Jenn Ward.

One phrase… different interpretations.

Stated with sarcasm, it conveys hopelessness, disappointment, and frustration––things we find in abundance in our world. How often have we heard those words uttered, or even said them ourselves in the midst of a difficult situation? I admit that I was thinking them last week when the local mason said our kitchen floor would be fixed in one day. Root damage, exacerbated by the quake in 2010, had caused our floor to break apart. Several stubbed toes later, it’s being repaired. (“Hallelujah Chorus,” anyone?)

Lana Grace Surfing. Photo by Daivd & Jenn Ward.

Others present it as a question––seeking, hoping, and searching for just a hint that their dreams could possibly come true. Our friends and neighbors in Haiti have experienced so many struggles, it’s not hard to imagine their faces and hear their voices ask, “Can I really keep dreaming?”

I sometimes forget this can also be a command. I was recently reminded that God is in the business of fulfilling the dreams of His children. Friends from Tennessee visited us last month, bringing with them their three children (one of our dreams come true). Before coming (and without our knowledge), the two older kids had talked about some of their dreams:  the son wanted to fly, and the older daughter wanted to surf.

Mei Mei, Jacob, Lana Grace, & Kaydence at the beach in Haiti.

Mei Mei, Jacob, Lana Grace, & Kaydence at the beach in Haiti. Photo by David & Jenn Ward.

It’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to see their reasoning:  We’re visiting Michael (a pilot) and Karen on an island in the Caribbean (where there’s plenty of ocean, right?). Why wouldn’t they expect those dreams to come true? Their mom tried not to get their hopes up, as they were only staying five days. Well, to make things short and sweet:  Jacob got to fly, and Lana Grace got to surf…  And they loved every minute of it.

They had no clue how God would fulfill their dreams, but they knew He would––in His timing, and His way. God reminded me (as He often does) through our kids (as He often does) that we want great things for our children… How much more does my Heavenly Father want great things for me (Mt. 7:11; Lk. 11:13)? He speaks to my heart… Keep dreaming.

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